Setting Yourself Up to Be Blessed

Sometimes – I believe – God blesses people in very specific ways. Cancer being eradicated, checks showing up in the mail, lost people being found, drug addictions being conquered, losers (like myself) getting hooked up with incredible wives. All instances of unexplained favor of God.

But othertimes…

I think God allows us to set ourself up for future blessing. I’ll explain.

About a year ago, my wife and I started going through Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. The day we got back from our honeymoon was the last day we’ve ever used credit. Since then we’ve built up a small emergency fund & paid off her car super-aggressively. Huge blessings.

We still spend money poorly at times & sometimes we still struggle to pay bills on time.

But yesterday – on our car ride home from a North Carolina vacation – our car started making weird sounds. We took it to a shop and realized that we’d be out $1000 due to the breaking of some fluid line and the ensuing damage to our breaks and whatnot.

Now – the car shop may have been screwing us on the price & the damage may not have been as bad as they said (though I think it was) – but because we started attempting to be faithful with the stuff God put in our hands – we were able to use some of our emergency money and just pay for the car to get fixed. Before I was married, paying for anything costing over $200 was impossible.

I always had my credit cards (note: plural) maxed out and had VERY little money in the bank. Paying bills was always stressful (if not impossible).

Our experience yesterday was a tremendous blessing from God, not because the almighty dropped an envelope with cash from the sky, but because he’s been blessing us in small amounts throughout the past year and instead of squandering those bits of grace, we’ve been treasuring them.

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  1. I love this story, Adam. As someone who works in finance, I see similar situations every day. When I look at bank statements and ask people about how much they spend in various areas, they really have no idea.

    This really boils down to being a good steward with that which we have been given. Being conscious & intentional of our spending & saving is absolutely necessary to be in a position to not only properly care for ourselves, but also properly help others in their times of need.

    Bless you on your journey.


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