What March Madness Teaches Us About Momentum

Adam Lehman Basketball

That’s me. Playing hoops as a high school junior. Highlighted hair and all.

Your team is down 12. 3 minutes left. You hit a three. The deficit is now 9.

Momentum shift.

You’re up 6 with a minute left. You can taste the victory. Your team hits a three. Now it’s 9. Nearly locked up. The opposition’s shoulder’s sink. Their heads hang. They’re defeated. An announcer will say, “And that might do it.” Instantly, the opposing bench starts thinking about the off-season, the mistakes they made, and their frustration with the coaching staff’s decisions throughout the year. All because of one basket. Momentum.

March Madness gives us a clear example of how crucial momentum is to success. It’s why coaches say, “I want to be playing our best basketball in March.” It’s why commentators call three-pointers the “great equalizer.” It’s just 3 points, but the momentum gained or lost is tangible.

I talk with creatives and businesses every day. Some folks are just trying to make 30k a year on their own. Others are trying to take their product to the national level. They all get different insight.

But one thing that remains: Do things every single day that create momentum. You can do more of those things or less. But do more of them.

Personally, I email 5 folks everyday just to reconnect. Those relationships might turn profitable, or they might not. I know that it’s building momentum.

If you can only close 1% of sales calls, that’s fine. Just have more sales conversations. If you aren’t sure who your target market it, that’s fine. Just market to some people.

Too many folks aren’t sure what to do, so they pause. They sit stagnant for a minute. They lose momentum.

Folks make a living by being time management thought leaders (Time Management Ninja is my favorite blog on this).  A year ago, Chris told me that energy management is more important than time management. I grew to believe him. He then told me that momentum management is the most important of them all. Now I swear by it.

Managing momentum doesn’t take a lot of time, it just takes intention.

Write down 2 or 3 things that you can do every day to build momentum. Those things can take less than an hour. Do them daily. Religiously. You’ll be surprised how far this will take you.


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  1. Just talking about momentum gets me excited :)


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