When I Fight A Client (And Why You Should Too!)

I’ve had two identical clients lately. Both wanted nearly the same thing.

One I fought. One I didn’t.

I’m going to start fighting more.

I’ll explain.

One website I built was a process met with restarts, requests for work out-of-scope and a general displeasure with the aesthetic of the site. Same with the other.

Except in the second I fought.

Not violently or demonstratively, but I battled.

The details aren’t important. The process is.

Before fighting the second, I sought first to understand. I asked questions for clarity.

I learned that the client knew we’d fight…. They anticipated it.

By seeking clarity first, I disarmed that. They felt heard. They knew I cared about there goals as much as my own.

Also, I learned that as I defended the scope-creep that can be typical in my line of work, the client wanted to work with me more.

Why is that?

They knew I was defending my stable of clients. They began to clearly understand how I shepherded my sheep. They saw the ruthless defense of my time – which makes it more valuable.

I’ve been at companies that fight poorly and at companies that don’t fight.

Just as in marriage, neither are healthy.

Fight well. Fight was a passion. Fight on purpose.

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